Subject to certain limited exceptions, the UK General Data Protection Regulations  require data controllers and processors (other than public authorities and bodies) which fall under its jurisdiction without having an establishment in the UK must appoint a representative within the territory of the UK.

Do I have to appoint a UK GDPR Representative?

Your organisation will have to appoint a representative if your activities involve:

  • processing personal data of individuals inside the UK in connection with the provision of goods or services; or
  • monitoring the behaviour of individuals located in the UK.

Location of your representative

Your representative must be present in the UK.

How we can assist you?

We will act as your organisation’s contact for individuals and data protection Supervisory Authorities in the UK. We will represent you in respect of your obligations under the UK GDPR, including:

  • Official UK Representation
  • Named in Your Privacy Notices
  • Maintain a Record of Your Processing Activities
  • Cooperate with the Supervisory Authorities
  • Dedicated Point of Contact for Data Subjects

Contact Details

For further advice and information on our UK GDPR Representative services please contact us here.